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Coastal Transect Lines
Topography (Maui ONLY)
Tsunami Evacuation Zones

Effective DFIRM / FIRM
   Honolulu County
   Maui County
   Hawaii County
   Kauai County
   Stream Cross Sections

Preliminary DFIRM
   Maui County

Historic DFIRM / FIRM
   Honolulu County DFIRM (1/19/11)
   Honolulu County DFIRM (6/2/05)
   Maui County DFIRM (9/25/09)
   Maui County FIRM (various)
   Kauai County DFIRM (9/16/05)
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An Elevation Certificate (EC) can be initiated from this panel by following the steps below. Before starting, ensure the IMAGERY layer is turned on using the LAYERS panel above.

1. Click on the compass icon, then click on the center of the front of the building in the image.
Click point on map for LAT/LONG
2. Verify the property address below and revise as necessary.
Active Parcel TMK:     

3. Click 'GO' to download the EC.   
Hawaii County (Apr 21, 2004)
  Volume One
  Volume Two
  Volume Three
  Volume Four

Honolulu County (Nov 5, 2014)
  Volume One
  Volume Two
  Volume Three
  Volume Four

Kauai County (Nov 26, 2010)
  Volume One
  Volume Two

Maui County (Sept 19, 2012)
  Volume One
  Volume Two

1 = Honolulu

2 = Maui

3 = Hawaii

4 = Kauai

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