HELP Page - Using the Property Search

Locating your property on the map involves a two-step process:

Step 1.  Select the county where the property you are searching for is located:

The map will automatically zoom to the extents of the county selected.

Step 2.  You can search for a property by street name or by tax map key (TMK). Use the tabs above see instructions on how to search by each criteria.

Entering a Street Name:

  1. Begin typing a street name. A drop down box will appear showing matching street names. Continue to type or select from the drop down list.

  2. Click the "Street Lookup" button. A new browser window will open displaying street addresses and TMK links for the selected street. Click the TMK parcel number link next to the address you are searching on.

    The TMK window will close and the map will display your parcel.

Entering a TMK Number:

  1. Enter TMK Number using the TMK Number format discussed below.

  2. Click the "Search TMK" button. The map should display your parcel.    
Hawaii State Parcel Number follows the format: I-Z-S-PPP-ppp-CCCC where:

I - Island Number (one digit)
Z - Zone Number (one digit)
S - Section Number (one digit)
PPP - Plat Number (three digits)
ppp - Parcel Number (three digits)
CCCC - CPR or Condominium Number (four digits) - DO NOT ENTER

When entering the parcel number, add leading zero to Plat Number and Parcel Number if they contain less than three digits, and drop the CPR or Condominium Number.

  1. Parcel Number 3-9-2-118-43 is entered as 392118043. Add leading 0 to Parcel Number.
  2. Parcel Number 3-7-5-20-73-0082 is entered as 375020073. Add leading 0 to Plat Number and Parcel Number and drop the CPR or Condominium Number.

If you do not know your Island Number, click the "Island Number" menu item.

Restarting a new Search:

  1. Click the "Restart Search" button from the "Property Search" menu item.

    Contents of Street Name and TMK Number textboxes are cleared.

  2. Proceed to Step 1 (Select a County) and Step 2 (Enter a Street Name or TMK Number).
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